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What is Hocus Bogus?

Hocus Bogus is a record label that originated as an offshoot of Lathe Cuts, specializing in record/zine hybrids. Founded by former Lathe Cuts manager, Bailey Moses, Hocus Bogus has since expanded into the Lathe Cuts model of creating affordable, unique lathe cut records. We strive to make beautiful pieces of playable art that artists of all sizes can afford and appreciate.

Hocus Bogus is all about cultivating a creative community that is inclusive and supportive. Anyone and everyone is welcome in our bogus family.

We are working in conjunction with our sister company Precarian Cuts! They have some great stuff over there that isn't offered in the Hocus Bogus store. If we can't help you with something, give them a try!

"Records. Zines. Stuff that's not bogus"

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